Global Tea Championship Award Winning Tea

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PONOinfusions Wins Bronze at 2018 Global Tea Championships with Maui Tea Farm Grown Haleakalā Black Tea

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now featuring the Maui Tea Farm

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December 4, 2016.  Aloha friends.  We have been updating our website and social media to feature more of our Maui Tea Farm.  The Maui Tea Farm is our organic tea and herb farm that we began in 2013, and slowly have begun to specialize in producing high quality, handcrafted, tea and herbal blends all grown on our property.  We are one of the only growers and producers of tea (Camellia sinensis) here on the Island of Maui.

Our farm is located in the rich upcountry Maui agricultural region of Kula, and we purchased and began to plant our tea on our farm in 2014.  Our farm and tea workshop is situated at 4,000 feet elevation, 30 minutes away from Haleakala National Park.  At our farm, you will notice that the air is cool and the climate cloud-kissed, making it a perfect location for premium high mountain tea.  We are pleased to begin offering small batches of our handmade Maui grown black tea for purchase starting mid-2017.  With our unique location and gorgeous views, we also welcome tea fans to follow our growth and progress on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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PONOinfusions 'Ono Organic & Fair Trade Teas Are Here!

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'Ono Organic & Fair Trade Teas Are Here!

We are proud to announce that PONOinfusions teas are now for sale here on Maui.
We have received wonderful feedback about our teas from customers so far!
Please visit our website's "Find A Retailer" page to locate stores that carry PONOinfusions products.

Are you interested in carrying PONO products?  Our PONOinfusions Ahupua'a Line of infusions is the perfect niche product for boutiques, hotels, spas, and restaurants, either in Hawai'i or beyond.
We offer the following:
-our certified organic and fair trade Ahupua'a Line of beautifully packaged blends
-our certified organic and fair trade Ahupua'a Line of loose leaf blends in 1-pound containers (ideal for spas, hotels, restaurants, and cafes)
-certified organic 1-lb containers of a variety of loose-leaf teas and botanicals (ideal for spas, hotels, restaurants, and cafes)

Please contact us at: or call us at 1-855-PONO-808 (1-855-766-6808).
We will be happy to provide you with our brochure and assist you with a PONOinfusions' product selection that is customized for you.

Please stay in touch for our many other happenings this Fall, including the launch of our online shopping cart for you to conveniently and securely purchase PONOinfusions on our website, wherever you may be!

With Aloha,

Alex and Andrea de Roode


Kai blend packaging detail - Package made with 90% recycled material


Our Wai blend - A marriage of organic and fair trade mint and berry
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Our mailing address is:


PO Box 1147

Kula, HI 96790

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PONOinfusions Completes Its Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign!

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Aloha Friends and Infusion-Lovers!

At PONOinfusions, we just wrapped up our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to our supporters, we were successfully able to raise $3,750 via our crowdfunding campaign site! Our packaging was sent to print at the end of May and we are now expecting the first 2,750 units of our PONOinfusions Ahupua'a Line to be ready for retail outlets by mid-July. The funds raised via our campaign are being put to good use and we look forward to having our delicious and healthy infusions out in stores available for you to purchase very soon!

We sincerely thank all of our friends, family, and supporters of PONOinfusions for their generous participation in our Indiegogo campaign. In addition to contributing to our campaign, many of you took time out of your day over these past two months to help raise awareness about our PONOinfusions campaign, and our mission and brand.

A BIG mahalo to the following:

-All of our contributors who wish to remain "Anonymous." Mahalo nui loa, thank you so very much, for your generosity and support!!!

-Anne-Laure de Roode and Frank Petitto

-Armando Manalo and Erica Dillon

-Becca Machado

-Bo Mandoe

-Carsten Bredsdorff and Joanna Martelles

-Carrie Gebb and Paragon Salon Maui in Makawao

-Charles, Carol, and Damon Giambrone

-Chris Martell

-Christina Mastroberardino

-Cole Leslie

-Dania Katz, Kupu Maui, and Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine

-Danny Owen

-David Rummel and Megan Terry

-Donna Krasnow

-Fred and Rhyna de Roode

-Harlan and Judy Hughes

-Jeannine de Roode and Altitude clothing boutique in Makawao

-Jeff Haber and Karina Lepiner

-Jeffrey and Kaya Kafka

-Katie McMillan

-Linda Lindsay

-Lorie and Adam Wingfield

-Mary and Andy Weinberg

-Nadine Newlight

-Oliver Perz and Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao

-Pamela Kamoku and Ease In Motion Therapeutic Yoga in Kula

-Peter Kafka

-Robert Lohle and Maui Undersea Adventures at the Four Seasons

-Renee Espiau

-Romain and Hélène Pison

-Stephanie Patent

-Susan Alden

-Thad Montalban

-Tom Frazier

-Tom Hirashima

-Valerie Bunda

-Warren Diefenbach

We invite you to stay connected with us via our website, facebook page, e-newsletter, and twitter for all of our latest PONO updates!

Again, many thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Aloha pumehana!

Alex and Andrea de Roode


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PONOinfusions Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign!

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Aloha kākou! PONOinfusions has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign from early April until June 2, 2013!

Click Here to visit our Indiegogo Campaign Page and to watch our Video.

PONOinfusions’ products connect you to Hawai’i’s precious natural resources and threatened and endangered species, as well as provide an outlet through which those who love tea and Hawai’i can give back. Through your purchase of PONOinfusions’ certified organic and fair trade infusions, you help us do what is pono by supporting Hawai’i based organizations involved in conservation, reforestation, and invasive species management efforts.

There is still more that we need to accomplish before our PONOinfusions products become available for purchase in stores and via our website. We ask that YOUour friends, family, and Indiegogo community—help us achieve our fundraising goals to help purchase and create our first batch of products!

With your support of our Indiegogo campaign, our PONOinfusions products will be in your hands 6 months after our fundraising goal is reached. If we reach our minimum $10,000 fundraising goal, we will be able to offer our ono PONOinfusions products in select Hawai’i stores.

If you help us meet our stretch goal of $20,000, we will be able to offer our PONOinfusions products in Hawai’i and in select stores in parts of the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest!

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to those who have helped us so much already. We look forward to providing you with healthy, certified organic infusions and carrying forth our mission to do what is pono! We ask that you please help support our cause in any way you can.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for your kōkua (help), and for your support!


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