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Native Flora and Fauna

This section of our website will help you to discover the amazing, rare and beautiful world of Hawai’i's native flora and fauna, as well as some of the Polynesian introduced “canoe” plants found in Hawai’i.

In particular, we will feature information about threatened and endangered species of native and endemic flora and fauna of Hawai’i.  We will primarily feature native flora & fauna depicted on our PONOinfusions packaging.  We hope that this will provide you with a more intimate and rewarding experience when enjoying our infusions, knowing that your purchase of PONOinfusions products helps to support restoration and conservation efforts in Hawai’i.

Much of the photography featured on our website is our own, which we have taken while in the field exploring the beauty of Hawai’i.  We are excited to be able to share these images with you through our website.  Unless otherwise stated, photos found on our website are copyrighted material of JUSTInfusions LLC.

Other photos are taken by professional wildlife photographers and scientists who have provided us with permission to share their photography with you.  The photos that are not our own tend to be of rare and difficult to find flora & fauna.  Photos that are not our own are credited to the owner.

Many of the descriptions of the various flora & fauna featured in this section of our website are sourced from various organizations involved in restoration & conservation efforts here in Hawai’i and referenced sources are provided.

Our intent with this section of our website is for it to serve as an educational and inspirational resource for individuals interested in learning more about and supporting the restoration and conservation efforts for Hawai’i's native flora & fauna.

We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions as we continue to develop and improve our Native Flora & Fauna section.